Understanding The Different Types:

Stiff Varieties

These types of brushes are made of thick and rough materials such as synthetic fiber or hog hair. It is ideally used for thick oil paint products and acrylics. It is widely used for the application of a huge amount of paint onto the canvas and to create brush strokes in the canvas. However, it is not suitable for water color painting.

Soft Varieties

Another commonly used product includes the soft brushes which are quite ideal for completing detail work. It can be used to spread a thin coat of paint onto the canvas. Sable brushes are known to be the softest types of products available these days. It is also easy to find imitation sable products from various online and offline stores at affordable prices.

Natural Varieties

Natural paint brush is ideal for all types of painting projects. The most common varieties include the hair of sables, goats, squirrels and ox. Most artists and painters prefer to buy a set of goat hair brush as it is a perfect tool for calligraphy or Chinese brush painting projects.

Synthetic Varieties

Synthetic brushes are cheaper and perform equally well. It appears quite similar to the natural products. It is usually made of nylon and it is available in both light and dark colors.

There are various aspects to consider before choosing the right product. It is essential to consider the finish, the paint and the cost of the products.

Most artists prefer specific types of handles to ensure comfort and convenience while using these products. Handles are made of different types of plastic and wood materials. It is also available in different sizes and shapes.

The type of paint used in another essential factor to consider. Synthetic bristles are ideal for latex products. However, a natural bristle brush is quite ideal for varnish or oil based products. The quality of the bristles determines the finish which can be achieved.

There are very small brushes, which are known as trim or sash, that are basically designed to be used in smaller and tighter spaces. Round shapes brushes are ideally used by beginners as it has a versatile quality. It can be used for all types of projects. All these types of products can be easily bought through various online and offline stores at affordable price rates. There are products which are specifically designed for children too.